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Everyone Needs An Estate Plan…

If you died tomorrow, would your loved ones be taken care of?

And, more significantly, if you died tomorrow would you leave behind the legacy you intended?

The truth is no one is promised tomorrow. While these questions are difficult to face – they can also be transformational and empowering.  Estate planning is about so much more than just setting up a Will and Trust.  Don’t get me wrong, having a Will and Trust and the 5 Legal Documents Everyone Needs as part of a strategic estate plan is critical.  An Estate Protection Plan can make all the difference for your loved ones avoiding the perils of not planning – family feuds, court battles, expensive, drawn out Probate process, and an unprotected inheritance for your children or heirs.  In addition, done right, planning also provides an opportunity for you to live well, fulfill your purpose with excellence, and empower future generations.

Greetings, I am Kristina R. Hess, voted Best Lawyer for San Diego North Coast, and I am the founder of KR Hess Law, PC – a preeminent, boutique San Diego estate planning law firm. We work with successful individuals and families who truly want to empower their generations and incentivize them to succeed. Individuals and families who want to make sure their loved ones are cared for, make sure they avoid the 3 evils of Probate Court, make sure that you are taken care of in the event of incapacity, and make sure your assets are protected.

Here at KR Hess Law, you get the personal attention, advice and counsel of Kristina, a Berkeley Law graduate and top-notch estate planning attorney in San Diego, and a team that is committed to ensuring you get the best plan possible that is custom tailored to you and your family’s needs.

You can read more about our three Hallmark Distinctives: 1) Flat Fees Agreed to In Advance; 2) Talented Team; and 3) Personal Lawyers for Life on our Firm page.

If you are ready to learn about how you can make sure that you and your loved ones are cared for and perhaps how you can leave a legacy, Call us today at (858) 461-6844 or email us to schedule a complimentary Estate and Legacy Strategy Session.

I look forward to meeting with you!

Kristina R. Hess

“Your San Diego Estate Planning Attorney”


Kristina Hess - Estate Planning Attorney San Diego

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